Blackstar Canyon

Hiking Black Star Canyon is a out and back moderate to difficult hike depending on the routes you take and how far you want to go. This hike offers river crossings, rock scrambling, rope ascents, and vertical climbs if you want to go to the top. Beware of poison oak, it’s everywhere! I somehow got nabbed after the hike when I was changing clothes. There is also a poodle bush or two out there, this is poisonous and inflicts more pain than poisonous oak. If you are feeling the need to climb and use nature as your jungle gym, check out Black Star Canyon. If you are coming on the weekend, get there early because it is a popular hiking destination because of the spectacular waterfalls throughout the hike, especially the big one at the end. This place has loads of dark history also, if you want to know more google it, it’s very interesting. If you want to go to the top, it’s a full on rock climb with ropes, fun as hell but, take your time and be safe.

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