White Mountain

If you have an off-road vehicle, I highly recommend hiking White Mountain before Mt.Whitney. It’s the 3rd tallest peak in the lower 48. Not only is it a great way to acclimatize for a day hike for Mt.Whitney, it’s a pretty straight forward hike, around 12 miles round trip. It takes 60-90 minutes and 16 miles of dirt road to get to the primitive camping spot. Watch out for big rocks and potholes. We stayed the night and headed for the summit in the morning, then we camped at Horseshoe Meadow (over 10k elevation, then camped at Whitney Portal, woke up at 1am, and hit the trail at 2am. I took some video of what getting to White Mountain is like, the campground and the trail. Oh, and you may want to Marmot proof your car with a a tarp and bungees.

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