Meysan Lakes Trail

If you happen to be in Lone Pine and you are looking for a great day hike or 2-3 day trip, check out Meysan Lakes. It’s trail starts near the first parking lot on the way to the Whitney Portal. The hike is about 11 miles out and back with over 4,000 elevation gain. The first lake you will see is Grass Lake, continue to the right of the trail and it will take you to Camp Lake, this is a great spot to camp, fish, swim, and scout your route to climb a peak. If you continue straight and to the left it will take you to Meysan Lake. Another way is to walk to the other side of Camp Lake and climb over the boulders until you see a waterfall. At the top of the waterfall is Meysan Lake.

View of Mount Le Conte and Mount Mallory from Camp Lake
View of Meysan Lake
View of the chute to Mount Mallory

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