Mt.Whitney 11/10/19

Left the Dow Villa at 1:20 am and started the trailhead at 1:39 am, it was dark, but the moon provided good light for awhile. It was around 15 degrees, but I ended up taking off my mid-layer about a mile in. The trail was dry as a bone. I joined up with another solo hiker at Outpost camp. On the up, the moon slowly left us and it became very dark. We stopped for a snack and I took my gloves. I ate an apple and put them back on and they were frozen. We both put in our headphones and I proceded to charged up the switchbacks to warm up my frozen fingers. The sun began to come up as we to Trail Crest. It is usually a windy spot, this time it was hardly blowing. As we got to the summit it was the same, very little wind. We spent a good amount of time eating our victory food and enjoying the 360 views. We made it back to our cars around 3:00 pm and celebrated at Pizza Factory. This was the first time I started this hike alone and I am grateful to have met a friend along the way.

Looking out the window

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