Surprise trip to Fladen in Norway

We had been driving for roughly half the day. My body was still trying to get use to hiking again. As I drove, I had my hubby as the GPS reader. I could tell he didn’t want me to know where we were going. I kept prying at him, but he wouldn’t budge! I guess it was supposed to be a surprise for me. A slithering feeling of anger tried to raise its head but I was quickly distracted by the beautiful scenery. Every direction you looked, there were stone mountains with trees spread out across them. On one side, there was a translucent lake which anyone can drink from since it is so clean. We passed a town or two. Soon I began to wonder when we would be there. The roads twisted and turned. I was thankful that I was the driver. No carsickness for me if I’m driving. We passed a few more roads that seemed to lead into forests.

Fladen trail, Norway
Once we passed another town, he abruptly told me to stop at a pull over spot. I couldn’t see a trail or anything. I was beginning to feel skeptical about his plan. He got out of the car and began to walk over the hill with our dog at his feet. So I followed him, still feeling clueless. Then I saw it! It was an old train track that went straight up a mountain. I was filled with excitement! I love trains and following this reminded me of following a treasure map. At the end we will find the hidden treasure, the view! I kept a water bottle with me for the journey and started with anticipation thrumming through my veins. Since it was so steep, I needed to take it easy. My head began pounding after half the way. I stopped, took a few breaths and began again.

Since my car accident 5 years ago, my head has been more sensitive when I get my blood pumping a lot. It just means that I have to get used to getting my blood flowing again. Our trip was still at the beginning. So I wasn’t fully ready for intense hikes. But my body moved fluidly up after I rested that little bit. I began to get the hang of it. Suddenly, I had a sharp pain in my ear when I neared the top. It felt like a deep sting that went inside my head. I clasped my left hand over my left ear, believing that would help ease the pain. The wind picked up and I hadn’t covered my ears with anything. As I focused on the pain , I realized that I had a scarf that can be used for multiple things, since it is one circular cloth. I put it on my head to cover my ears as if it was a headband.

Dani (Me) going up Fladen
After waiting a few minutes, the pain eased and I pushed on towards the top. When the feeling fully subsided, I could feel the adrenaline pumping throughout my body. Eagerness filled me as I began to take the last steps to the top. With that last step, I was blown away by the view. Any thoughts that I had were washed away by the nature in front of me. From high up, I could see many tall mountains in the distance with so much green foliage covering them. A lake sparkled as the sun’s rays hit it. It seemed as though the lanscape glowed and the colors were even more vibrant than they were from the road. A feeling of calm took over me and subconsciously, I took a big deep breath and let it out. Being surrounded by nature always has this effect on me, where it lets me drop off the problems in life and feel renewed. It rejuvenates and helps me let go of the stress in life.

Clyde (our dog) and me on the top of Fladen
Once my hubby and our dog came up, we found a metal box. Inside was a frail looking notebook with a pen. It was bent from being wet, but it contained names and dates of the people that have climbed up here. We could leave our signature proving that we have also been here! What fun! I felt like a little kid as I signed my name. It felt like I was holding a treasure chest as I skimmed through many of the pages. I knew there was hidden treasure at the end of the tracks. But I had no idea that we would find this kind of treasure while taking in the wonderful view! A feeling of triumphant accomplishment washed over me as I beamed at my hubby and our doggie. The three of us made it together! A feeling of nothing can stop us came over me as the three of us looked over the mountain side. Making it to the top of a mountain always makes me feel like I can take on anything. I wonder, why is that?

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